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Cardiovascular Pulmonary Physiotherapy & Fitness

The department of Cardiovascular Pulmonary Physiotherapy & Fitness provides valuable service to a wide spectrum of patients at all the three hospitals of MGM, Navi Mumbai. We cater to patients in the specialised Intensive Care Units viz. - Medical, Surgical, Neonatal, and Burns whereby our team of experts work on the chest care of artificially ventilated patients’ right until the point that they are spontaneously breathing and well ambulated. We utilise techniques of bronchial hygiene, respiratory muscle retraining and strengthening, early mobilisation and ambulation, optimal positioning and thoracic expansion exercises to get our patients up and about. In the Cardiothoracic Unit we treat patients with congenital heart diseases and ischemic heart disease and take them through the process of cardiac Rehabilitation with diligent care and stringent monitoring whereby we try to optimise and maximise their functional abilities.

Our therapists and students visit the patients in the General Medical and Surgical wards whereby Chest Physiotherapy is instituted to them. Pulmonary Rehabilitation has been initiated at the Chest Medicine wards for patients with pulmonary pathologies. Pulmonary Rehabilitation is also being carried out at OPD level where we prescribe conditioning exercises to patients.

We have also initiated Fitness classes which will include a thorough fitness testing followed by scientifically based exercise prescription to enhance a person’s fitness level taking into consideration the various risk factors that the subject may have.